People from all walks of life and economic levels may contribute to Still I Rise, Inc.
and help support the work that we do.

The Still I Rise Garden of Hope
We encourage you to become a part of our garden. Your contribution will help to make the

"flowers in our garden" grow. With your support, it will blossom, flourish and cover
the earth with its grace and beauty.

There is a place for you in our "Still I Rise Garden of Hope!"

Choose your flower and help our garden grow.

$25,000+ ~ Golden Roses

$10,000 ~ Orchids

$5,000 ~ Peace Lillies

$2,500 ~ Azaleas

$1,000 ~ Magnolias

$500 ~ Heart's Ease

$100 ~ Daisies

Still I Rise, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


For more information about
Still I Rise, Inc., contact us at:

(301) 868-4903  Telephone
(301) 868-4906   Fax


Thank you for fertilizing our garden!

Still I Rise, Inc.